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jostens support materials

Jostens is dedicated to helping yearbook advisers and their staff be successful. They offer multiple tools to help educate and motivate students throughout the yearbook process.

Utilizing multiple Jostens' style guides, images and concept direction, we developed an action planner, world beat layout template and multiple sets of informational posters.  Final deliverables include Jostens supplied photos and stock illustration, as well as icons we created in our studio.

all images © Jostens, inc. All rights reserved


The Layout Pro informational foldout poster was designed to help inform Jostens' yearbook advisers and their staff. Each foldout section incorporates color blocking and icons to guide the viewer and QR codes were developed for quick links to tutorials.

H+C are the absolute best! They seriously save the day. Not only are they super talented but take the time to truly understand our customer and what we are trying to accomplish with each creative project." —Jack Dalke

The adviser wall-to-wall poster kits are a mix of inspirational, interactive and informational posters. The design style follows the Jostens brand guide for each year. These kits give yearbook advisers tools to help engage and educate their yearbook staff throughout the year.

World Beat Spread.jpeg

The World Beat Magazine is sent to yearbook advisers and staff to inspire layout ideas as well as supply content to use in their yearbooks. We designed a time saving style template for Jostens' production team based on mood boards from their creative department. We used supplied content from the previous issue to help create page examples. This overlay design was chosen out of the three concepts we presented.

World Beat_Template spread1.jpg
World Beat_Template spread2.jpg

The planner helps yearbook staff stay on track. Holographic foil stamping and a hand-sketched theme keep it light and fun even when things get a little crazy. 

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