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blue line apparel company

Charlie Poey came to us with a concept for a new hockey apparel company focused on helping Minnesota communities receive funding to make the required environmental updates to their refrigeration units in their ice arenas.


The project was unique because Charlie needed both an identity and apparel design in order to get started. His background in digital production gave him a clear vision of the modern, contemporary look that he felt would separate him from his competition. He was also able

to take the brand guide we developed and build that into his online presence himself.

“Hoots + Clicks is amazing! Pam and Heather took my initial conceptual ideas, and were able to come up with a perfect brand identity for my company. They were thoughtful listeners and quickly understood the market that I was targeting when designing my logo.  Adding even more value, they came up with so many wonderful graphic ideas for my apparel that it was almost impossible to determine which ones to use first. Their creativity, and hard-work, really allowed me to make a statement when launching my company. I look forward to the next phase of work with Hoots + Clicks.” —Charlie Poey
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