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successful marketing group

We began our collaboration with Glory Ramsey, and her company, Successful Marketing Group, by working on a marketing campaign for an out-of-state client.

Challenged with a tight deadline and new brand strategy, this rollout included multiple landing pages and Google Search Ads and an adwords retargeting campaign. These ads when engaged, directed the end user to a specific landing page. Our design coordinated with the client's recent rework of their identity and the updated online marketing strategy developed by Successful Marketing Group.

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“OMG, Heather and Pam are simply brilliant! Frustrated with the mundane stuff I was getting from the professional ad team, I went searching on my own. Hoots + Clicks delivered! It was exactly what I was looking for to help my client stand out and increase conversions with their ads. Pam and Heather were really great to work with! Even with my demanding deadlines, they were so pleasant and crazy creative - always producing more than what I could even imagine it to be. Always my go-to design team, thanks again!”   
—Glory Ramsey
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The client's Google search Ad campaign featured seventeen sizes from web to mobile versions.

All google ads layout_CFA_ALL_Google_Ads

Landing pages that were created as part of the marketing campaign, included both desktop and mobile versions of the advertised sites.


In addition, we designed a website for an event Glory founded called The Winter Wear Drive.


The project now in its fourth year, aims to provide winter clothing for youth experiencing homelessness in Minnesota. Each year the event has surpassed the previous year in donations, both monetarily and through donated clothing. This was a passion project for Hoots and Clicks and one that we have attended and supported in the past. 

The yearly event can be found here:

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